Do you need to reach community oncology practitioners?

Do you struggle to deliver content to oncology professionals who need information
to improve patient care and outcomes?

Would your content benefit oncology professionals who treat patients with
diverse hematologic malignancies and solid tumors?
If so, MediCom Oncology can help you to reach your target audience. MediCom's in-house database includes more than 16,000 oncology specialists, and more than 42,000 clinicians with an interest in oncology, who rely on MediCom's e-newsletters for the latest information and activities on new advances and emerging strategies in diverse cancers. The MediCom Oncology Digest is a twice-weekly e-newsletter that allows subscribers to quickly and easily access important content directly from their Inbox. And, because the MediCom Oncology Digest has both Weekly Highlight and Key Advances editions, your content can be cost-effectively combined with other content in a tabloid-style layout (11.82% open rate), or can be featured as the sole activity in a dedicated e-newsletter (13.24% open rate).
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